Get Ready To Tour Kincardine Again
May 15th 2022!

Keep an eye on this space and social media for updates!

No race fees required!

Volunteers will mark the course for this time period for you to complete it at your convenience and as many times as you please. There is a plan in the works to share ride files or at least comment on the Facebook page expressing your completion. We are working on at least one modest prize for at least one lucky participant. Look for the route on Strava and Ride with GPS.

There are some segments that cross private property. Please do not use these segments outside of the event dates.

As always when riding on mixed use trails – be courteous, safe and yield to pedestrians. It is not worth losing our privilege to ride these trails if we are the cause of an accident on them.

Short Course (via Strava)

Long Course (via Strava)

Congratulations to all of the past Participants!!

Click here to view the results

KIPP Trail Expansion Donation

We are proud today to support the KIPP Trail Expansion with a $1571.43 donation from the 2018 Tour of Kincardine event proceeds. Thank you to the participants, sponsors and volunteers that made this happen!
Watch for registration opening for the 2020 edition taking place on May 24, 2020!


Here are some pictures from the 2018 event!

Archive of the 2018 map HERE.

The Terrain

The terrain roughly breaks down to 12 km of hard surfaces, 12 km of single track (much of it quite technical), and 4 km of paved roads. The single track will have some natural dismount features as well as handling skill challenges regardless of the bike you choose to ride. The route follows the forested river trails, lakeside paths and connecting roads through the town of Kincardine.

Winner of the Open Men’s category and Overall Leader was Thomas Hulton with a time of 69m, 2s
Winner of the Open Women’s category was Sophie Hotchkiss with a time of 84m 1s.

Thank you to our past Sponsors!